Rusty's Story


My heroin addiction brought me to a place I never thought I would be. I stole from my family and friends to get heroin. The shame and guilt of my terrible decisions weighed on me day and night and the only way I knew how to make myself feel better was by staying high. My family continued to tell me I was going to end up dead or in prison but I was so detached from reality that I thought I would never be that person. However, I found out one night that I was quickly becoming the person I never thought I would be. At around 3a.m. I was driving while intoxicated and got pulled over by the police. I found out quickly that my family was right, my life was spinning out of control and my addiction was too much for me to handle alone. As a result, at the age of 21 I checked myself into the hospital to go through detox and shortly after went to get long term help at a place called Teen Challenge. I walked into Teen Challenge and instantly noticed the men in the program were full of joy and had a sense of purpose that I wanted. So I chose to stick around Teen Challenge for a year and slowly learned how to live again. I went into Teen Challenge as a hopeless dope addict, but I left Teen Challenge as a dopeless hope addict. I learned how to have a relationship with the Creator of the universe while I was at Teen Challenge. My Creator told me that I am forgiven and redeemed, I chose to believe Him. God also reminded me that I have a future and a hope in Him. It has been seventeen years since I walked through the doors of Teen Challenge and I can truly say that God has continuously been faithful. He has given me an awesome family, friends, job, and mission. I graduated from college with a bachelor’s in Missions and Biblical Studies. I am happily married to the love of my life Korinne and we have three amazing children. Korinne is a principal in the local school system. Our youngest child Josiah is running around the house acting like I wild man. Our middle child Zada is a beautiful princess always letting her daddy sweep her off her feet. Our oldest child Kellen is smart like his momma and plays sports like his daddy. I am currently a Realtor, serving at Teen Challenge Cincinnati, and the Executive Director of His Hope Teen Challenge. His Hope Teen Challenge is determined to offer hope to individuals struggling with addiction. My life is full of hope today because of God using Teen Challenge to transform me from the inside out. Therefore, I am determined to see a place like Teen Challenge be available for people struggling with addiction in the Miami Valley. I thank God for continually giving me the strength to live out his mission in His world!