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Photo by zhaojiankang/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by zhaojiankang/iStock / Getty Images

Residential Recovery

Teen Challenge Cincinnati offers long term residential discipleship for both men and women (ages 18-40). The program promotes a life of freedom from addiction through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Some of the curriculum topics that a student will go through while at Teen Challenge Cincinnati are Anger and Personal Rights, Love and Accepting Myself, Growing Through Failure, and Personal Relationships with Others. We encourage our students to grow in knowledge and to grow in living a different way of life. We offer a disciplined structured environment to our students through our structured daily routine and hard work ethic. To learn more about Teen Challenge Cincinnati visit our website at

 Missional Recovery Home

Our Missional Recovery Home gives Teen Challenge graduates and Teen Challenge Staff opportunities to continue restoring relationships, have a healthy peer support network, learn more life skills, live in safe housing, and find employment.

Support Groups

We offer Christ-centered support groups for people impacted by addiction. We believe that God can change anyone. Contact us for details 937-846-8005