Our History

In 1958, Reverend David Wilkerson founded the first Teen Challenge ministry in New York City. David Wilkerson reached out to drug addicts in New York City by proclaiming the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Gang members and prostitutes heard the gospel message and experienced the transforming power of Jesus Christ. Multiple independent studies have shown that approximately 80% of Teen Challenge graduates are successful citizens after completing the Teen Challenge program. Today, there are residential Teen Challenges all across the world. The name of Jesus Christ has been proclaimed for over 50 years through the Teen Challenge ministry. There is over 200 Teen Challenge residential programs in the United States. teenchallengeusa.com

Teen Challenge Cincinnati is one of the residential Teen Challenges in Ohio. The center consists of the “men’s ranch” and the “women’s home.” The Teen Challenge men’s ranch is a nationally recognized facility located five miles east of Milford, Ohio. The ranch is a faith-based 6-9 month residential program for young adults (ages 18+). The ranch holds up to 34 men and focuses on spiritual, mental, and physical restoration. Cincinnati Teen Challenge students go through a disciplined study routine, receive their GED, participate in occupational therapy, and receive job placement opportunities. In 1972, the ranch opened its doors as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Teen Challenge Cincinnati has also recently opened the women’s residential home. Pregnant women and non-pregnant women in desperate situations have a place to live at Teen Challenge Cincinnati. The home serves up to 9 women at a time. Discipleship is the key aspect that the women’s home promotes. Furthermore, the home seeks to provide a safe, peaceful, positive, life-impacting environment for the women that live there.

His Hope Teen Challenge is an Outreach/Referral center founded in 2015. We are part of the Teen Challenge USA network. His Hope Teen Challenge offers hope to hurting people through our support groups, outreach program, missional recovery home, and referral program. We offer hope to individuals struggling with addiction in the Dayton area by helping them get into one of our long term residential programs as quickly as possible. We also have a missional recovery home for Teen Challenge graduates and Teen Challenge staff. Furthermore, we offer support groups for individuals who are unable to enter into one of our residential programs. We disciple people one relationship at a time. Find hope today!


Our Mission

Offering His Hope to and through individuals and families impacted by addiction


Our Team

Our team is made up of people who are learning how to overcome addiction, family members of individuals who struggle with addiction, and/or any concerned citizens in our community. We are committed to offering His Hope to addicted people in our community through support groups, outreach, and residential recovery.


Our Vision

To become a community overflowing with His Hope into our families and workplaces